Kite Squamish- Understanding the Wind

Part 1 – Frontal Wind Since kitesurfing is a wind driven sport it is important to understand and be able to read the wind. When you come to kite Squamish the first thing you are going to notice is that we kite Squamish right between the mountains. Your usual kitespots...

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Kite Shop Canada- Squamish Watersports

At 37803 on 2nd Avenue you will find the best kite shop Canada, Squamish Watersports! We are now open again for the season and whether you are looking for lessons, rentals or gear we are here to help you find what suits you best. Kiteboarding When it comes to...

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Where is the best place to learn kitesurfing?

I have been a kitesurfing Instructor for two years now and have taught people in Auckland (New Zealand), Aitutaki (Cook Islands) and Squamish Canada. So which out of those three is the best place to learn kitesurfing? AucklandNew Zealand is known to create the best...

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Kite Boarding in Squamish- All About the Wind

Before every session and whenever kite boarding in Squamish we do a site assessment where we determine how strong the wind is and which kite to take. Winds vary a lot not just from day to day but from location to location. When kite boarding in Squamish the wind can...

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What is the best kite?

Wondering which kite is the best kite to get?Pretty much all brands tell you that they have got the best kite for you. Also every brand has got at least one kite that is a ‘do it all kite’ that works in any condition and are great for everyone. Other kites are...

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BC Kiteboarding at it’s Best- Squamish

Squamish in British Columbia is a great place to go kiteboarding. Heading up the Sea to Sky Highway, only an hour’s drive from Vancouver, you’ll meet the BC kiteboarding Squamish crew. Besides hiking, mountain biking and rock climbing, make sure to connect with the BC...

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If you Can Break it, We can Fix it- Kite Repairs

Doesn't it suck when your kite breaks on the water? Well never fear, get your kite repaired here! Not only will we repair your kite but we will lend you the same size kite or missing piece of equipment for every session you need it until your gear is fixed! Kite...

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Kiteboarding at the Squamish Spit

The Spit can be an intimidating place with tons of people, strong, offshore wind and a small space for launching and landing. Though these reasons should not stop you from experiencing Canada's greatest kite spot! Take a lesson or ask a local for and hand on your...

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