As we enter Phase 2 of BC’s restart plan, we will be offering as many services as possible while keeping everyone safe. Our previous Upwind Drop structure was made affordable as the travel into the Sound and back was associated to an instructor already going out with a lesson. In order to keep everyone safe and comfortable we will not be putting strangers together in a boat at this time. With that being said, our Upwind Drop program has been adapted and the $40 and $25 upwind drop options are not available at this time.

Upwind Drop from Downtown


Upwind Drops 

-Enjoy a quiet ride out to the Howe Sound from our downtown Shop location at 37803 2 Ave, Squamish.
– Skip the lines of the Spit and guarantee a session.
– Ride as long as you like.
– Enjoy access to our sanitation stations and full amenities.
– Reduced cost if you come out with close friends or family. (ie your Covid bubble)

An instructor will drift launch your kite from the boat, spend a few moments with you to ensure you get a good start to your session and even provide instructional tips if possible. At an organized time, an instructor will come pick you up after you complete your self rescue in the water and bring you back to our shop where you can enjoy our hot showers, full bathroom and Jacuzzi.

Cost for the first participant – $110
Any additional friend or family can also get an upwind drop at the same time for only $30 more. (maximum 4 participants per boat)

*Group Advanced lessons also available for $110/hr
-maximum 4 students per lesson
-groups must be organized by the students and include close friends and family only.



-I am able to ride in all directions including upwind.
-I am consistently able to vstay upwind.
-I am proficient in re-launching my kite.
-I am proficient upwind body dragging and am able to retrieve my board consistently.
-I am able to complete a self rescue in deep waters.
-I am able to enter and exit the water safely.
-I am aware of all right of way rules and am comfortable riding amongst other users.
-I am familiar with the local winds, current and hazards.


-I agree and am aware that the $40 Assisted Drop experience only guarantees a successful upwind drop and rigging of my kite.
-I understand that I am responsible for myself solely from the moment I am in the water.
-I understand that I am responsible for completing a self rescue when I want to be picked up to return to the shop.
-I understand that the instructor’s first responsibility is to their student and that they will only be able to help me if it is safe for them to leave their student for a moment.
-I understand that any additional help such as a board retrieval, kite relaunch or drive back upwind will be charged at $15 each

Due to the fact that drop offs can only be done by specific instructors, we reserve the right to move the drop time that might have been previously schedule up to 2 hours before or after their original time. Last minute changes by the client in timing will not always be possible.

Bring a friend for $30

There’s nothing better than sharing the exciting Kiteboarding Experience with a friend! You can tag your friend along for as low as $30.



Free 2-hour Lesson

With a purchase of a full Kite Package, receive a free 2-Hour Lesson and Unlimited Access to our on site experienced gear technicians. A Full Equipment Package includes a Kite, Bar, and Line, Harness, Helmet and Safety Leash.

What are you waiting for? Check out our Lessons!


Any changes made to a scheduled reservation must be completed at least 48 hours prior to your lesson or your lesson may be voided.
All lessons bought directly through Aerial Kiteboarding School are fully refundable within 60 days of purchase.
A processing fee will apply to any refunds requested more than 60 days after the purchase date.
See more on our FAQ page.