At 37803 on 2nd Avenue you will find the best kite shop Canada, Squamish Watersports!

We are now open again for the season and whether you are looking for lessons, rentals or gear we are here to help you find what suits you best.


When it comes to kiteboarding we sure are experts on what we do. Having the biggest kiteschool (kite shop Canada) in Canada we run our lessons of 10 boats and Jet Skies. Students come to our kite shop Canada to get suited up and ready to go for their lesson. Actual lesson time only starts once the student meets the instructor and gets taken out into the Howe sound. This saves valuable lesson time on the water.

As the water in the Sound is pretty cold all year around we not just provide you with 7mm thick wetsuits but also have a Hot Tub at our kite shop Canada to warm up in.


We stock Ocean Rodeo, Naish and Airush and our knowledgeable stuff will help you find what is right for you! Our Instructors and admin stuff all come from a different backgrounds and have ridden different equipment. With our combined knowledge we make sure to match the right equipment to your needs.


Doesn’t matter how much we try and recommend the right gear for you, there is nothing like trying it yourself. At our kite shop Canada there is always the opportunity to demo equipment before committing to buy.


Should you be so unfortunate to have damaged your kite, board, wetsuit or any other part of your equipment, we will fix it for you. Small repairs are often taken care of overnight where bigger jobs can take a few days. We understand that having damaged your kite is already bad enough but not being able to ride while the kite is being repaired is even worse! To make sure you don’t miss out on a good session we will provide you with a FREE kite rental!

Wetsuits and accessories

We carry a wide range of wetsuits, boots, gloves and anything else you might need to get out on the water. Just come into your shop and have a look around!

Stand Up Paddelboarding and Wakeboaring

Of course we don’t just offer kiteboarding lessons, but also SUP lessons, rental and tours. During calm mornings we can also take you wakeboarding on the flat waters before the wind starts.