Who we are

At Aerial Kiteboarding in Squamish we are a dedicated team of instructors from Canada and
Overseas. We are proud to employ only the best and most qualified individuals, including 3
level 2 instructors out of less than 200 in the world.
Owner, Operator, Boss and Good Friend Daniel Grains is the heart of Aerial kiteboarding
Squamish. To best describe him, just go and watch him teach and kite at the spit.

What we do

We give you an experience of a life time!
Here in Squamish we are lucky enough to have access to one of the world’s top spots for Kiteboarding.
Teaching from boats in deep water, gives us the means to progress you from “zero to hero”.
Within only a few hours, you are going to explore all the main pillars of kiteboarding. Learn
about the kite and how to control it, harness the power while being in the water and give riding the board a first try.
From there, we guide you through your own individual journey of becoming an independent and safe Kitesurfer.
Doesn’t matter what level you wish to get to after that, be it riding strapless, riding a foil board or progress with your freestyle, we are here to get you there as quickly as possible.

Why we do it

Because we love it!
Owning a kiteboarding school and being a kiteboarding Instructor is all about devotion and love for the sport.
The only way to successfully guide people on their journey to becoming a kitesurfer, is by conveying our passion for this sport.
We at aerial kiteboarding have found the best way of conveying this passion through proper teaching techniques while using the best equipment on the market and the most qualified Instructors.