Forecasting the Wind in Squamish:

Predicting the wind forecast in Squamish is fairly simple (usually when you see sun in the forecast there will be wind).

STEP 1: Check the Temperature Gradient

Check the temperature gradient between Vancouver-Lilloet.

The winds in Squamish are thermal (driven by heat). As the inland, Northern BC such as Pemberton, Lilloet and beyond heat up to a greater temperature than Vancouver, a thermal effect is created. The cool air from the south move in to replace the hot air in the north. The wind are accelerated through the mountains bringing us beautiful wind in Squamish.

This effect can also happen on a much smaller local scale, so just because you don’t see a huge temperature difference doesn’t mean it’s not going to be windy!


STEP 2:  Check the Howe Sound Marine Forecast

The Howe Sound Marne forecast is a very reliable source of information and usually very accurate. Even if you don’t see sun in the forecast this site can indicate if there will be wind or not.


STEP 3: Check the Squamish Wind Sports Society Live Wind

The SWS has a live wind reading (starting May 15th-September 15th). This will tell you the live wind speed and direction. I Kite Surf is another great live wind stream and is live all year.

If you are still unsure on the weather conditions, feel free to give us a call at 778 989 5483.

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