Wondering which kite is the best kite to get?

Pretty much all brands tell you that they have got the best kite for you. Also every brand has got at least one kite that is a ‘do it all kite’ that works in any condition and are great for everyone.

Other kites are marketed as intermediate to advanced kites, foiling and light wind kites, kite that go upwind like nothing else, are the easiest to water relaunch ….

So which one is the best kite?

To tell you the truth….. Now in 2019 to find a really shitty kite is almost impossible. It doesn’t matter which brand you choose a kite from (as long as you choose it according to your level) it is going to work well for you.

As a beginner of course you want to get a kite that is going to make your progression as easy as possible. Don’t start off on a super advanced C-Kite, you are not going to be having much fun with it.

And do you need a brand new kite?

Well, if you can afford it, it is always nice to have your own brand new kite. This will guarantee that it is going to work properly and you won’t be having any issues with it any time soon.

If you can’t afford it, there is no shame in getting a second hand kite. Maybe even a used school kite. School kites are usually well looked after and if they do have any repairs on them they are done professionally. Just make sure to get something that is no older than 3 year. And I know there are loads of super cheap 10 year old kites out there on the internet but do yourself a favour and stay away from those.

Not only I has the safety system of kites improve a lot over the last 10 years but you will end up spending more time on the beach trying to fix any issues than you will spend actually riding.

After all the best kite for you is the one that you have got and are used to.