Learn a bit about our Kite Family. Dedicated to being the best we can be, here’s a bit about how we got here.

Charlie Tindall

General Operations Manager & Instructor

I grew up in a watersports obsessed household and I was introduced to surfing and windsurfing from a very early age. Later in life I started travelling and I discovered kiteboarding in 2012. I started my instructor certification qualifications later and I haven’t looked back! It has taken me around the world and opened the door to so many amazing opportunities and to meet many amazing people. I’m certified Level 3 Kiteboarding Instructor, an ASI Level 1 Surf Instructor and the lead sales manager.

Glen Baker

Lead Instructor

After high school, my passion for sports lead me to a degree in Movement Science Kinesiology, where I focused on sports instruction for athletes with mental and physical disabilities. I spent 8 seasons teaching Adaptive Skiing, Snowboard & Sit Skiing lessons in Whistler. I have taught Kiteboarding abroad for many years until discovering that, “There’s no place like home.” I now spend my summer seasons teaching full time in the best location of all, Squamish! I am certified instructor level 3 / Assistant Instructor Trainer, since my introduction to kiteboarding in 2006. I am also a CADS Level 3 Adaptive Ski Coach and have my BHK in Movement Science.

Mel Grains

Lead Administrator

Having studied in education and growing up in Winnipeg, kiteboarding became a new avenue for me to expand my physical skills and experiences. Moving to Squamish provided me the opportunity to dedicate my life to water sports and everything Kiteboarding has to offer. With 7 years of kiteboarding I have been able to apply my education experience to teaching kiteboarding on the beautiful waters of Squamish. I look forward to the opportunities water sports will provide for our kite family.

Lisa Koenig

Admin Staff & Instructor

After studying in education and working as a teacher in Germany I fell in love with kitesurfing when I started travelling five years ago. Wanting to share my passion, I became an Instructor and I have been teaching in New Zealand and the Cook Islands for the past two years. Coming from a teaching background enables me to pass on my kiteboarding knowledge and expertise on a professional level. I have 3 years of kiteboarding experience, 2 years of kiteboarding instruction and am a Team rider for Ozone New Zealand.

Zack Herman


I was first introduced to kitesports at 15 from my father in Cherry Beach Toronto. I then learned how to snowkite in Winnipeg where I quickly developed as a rider. When I was 20 I moved to Squamish and had the opportunity to become a kiteboarding instructor with Dan and I helped the school grow from humble beginnings to the largest school in Canada. I love to share my passion for kiteboarding with my students and I hope to see you out on the water! I have been riding for 7 years, currently working on unhooked tricks and teaching students of all levels and abilities for 5 years.

Matis Pelletier


kiteboarding in Aruba when I was a kid and it quickly became my lifestyle. I love traveling and riding in new spots and I am always stoked to share my passion with others. I am certified Instructor level 2, I have 4 years of teaching experience and 11 years of riding experience.

Antoine Verville


Being a certified instructor for the past five years and a Kiteboarding National Rider for 3 years, I am a charismatic instructor that always brings humour, passion and fun in my day to day life. My passions include filming, kiteboarding and traveling. I also enjoy cinematography as much as kiteboarding and produced over fifty sports videos within my carrier. Kite spots visited: Brazil, Panama, Cuba, Venezuela, USA, Dominican Republic, Turks and Caicos, Colombia.

Next destinations in mind:

Cape town, Greece, Australia

Sponsored by:

Roberto Riccy Design, Vivida Lifestyle and Woo Sports

Jen Wormald

Instructor & Lead Administrator

I started kiteboarding in 2012 in the Dominican Republic. Since then I have taught in many different places including South Africa, Thailand, Australia and of course our beautiful home, Squamish. I love the freedom kitesurfing brings me to travel around the world and the amazing community of people that comes with it. If I don’t go travelling, I spend my winters teaching skiing and snowboarding in Whistler.

Youri Gauthier


Hey, my name is Youri and I’m from Montreal. The past two years, I have been to multiple places around the world to teach kiteboarding. I’m super happy to be back in Squamish this season because it’s here that I first learned this incredible sport, a couple of years ago. I think kiteboarding is amazing and that everyone should try it, I know they will get hooked right away, just like I was.

Élie-Anne Arseneau

Admin Staff & Instructor

I’m Elie and I’m from Quebec. I’ve learned to kiteboard back home on the Magdalen Islands and I fell in love with the sport. I’ve been travelling around the world ever since to teach it. I love sharing the passion and I’m super excited to be here for my first season with Squamish Watersports!

Daniel Grains

Owner & Founder

Hi! Im Dan. I’m the founder and owner of Squamish Watersports Ltd. After a lot of hard work I can finally say I have achieved my dream of owning a successful watersports centre, in one of the most beautiful spots in the world. I love to share my passion for kiteboarding and the outdoors with others and if you see me out on the spit, please come and say hello. I’m certified Level 2 Senior Kiteboarding Instructor, proud business Owner and father.


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