Kite surfing is one of those amazing sports where once you get your own gear, all you need is some good wind and you are set to go whenever you what with no additional expense.

The primary gear that you need is a harness (waist or seat depending on preference), safety leash, kite, bar, lines, and a board. The size and style of gear you choose will depend on the type of riding you are wanting to do as well as the wind conditions in the destination you will be riding.

Some additional kite surfing gear you may want/need is a wetsuit, gloves, booties, helmet, life jacket, and a go joe. You will also probably look at getting at least 2 different kite sizes in order to ride in a larger wind range. You can then look into getting different kites and boards for different riding styles. Keep in mind that you can always share gear with your friends or rent it from your local kite shop if you would like to try out something new.

To learn more about kite surfing gear for beginners, check out our previous blog post here!

The brands of kite surfing gear that we carry here at Aerial Kiteboarding in Squamish, BC are Best, Ocean Rodeo, and Airush, as well as many consignment items. If we don’t have what you want at our store, make sure to email us at so we can get one in for you at discounted price.

Stop by our shop any day between April-October and our experts can help you get geared up and answer all of your questions. 37813 2 Ave, Squamish, BC V8B 0B7.

We also do demo a large variety of equipment from our trailer on the Spit, so come try out a few different styles before committing to a purchase. You can demo the equipment for 45mins, or rent for the whole day.

Our rental prices are $60 for a kite, $40 for a board, $25 for a wetsuit, $10 for booties, $30 for harness, $10 for leash, $10 for helmet, $10 for life jacket, or $120 for everything (all of our lessons include all of your gear already).

Look forward to seeing you out there!