Kiteboarding is an amazing sport that provides freedom, fun and an incredible community of people along with it. Kite surfing allows you to travel the world with a purpose and explore endless countries, nature and experience amazing cultures and traditions. It is a sport everyone should try and a community of people anyone is lucky to be a part of. In order to join in this amazing sport it is important to take kite surfing lessons. Here’s why:


The number one reason it is necessary to take kite surfing lessons is for safety- the safety of yourself and those around you. The sport takes some time to learn and can be very dangerous if you don’t learn properly. It is important to know what size kite to take based on different wind conditions, how to launch and land your kite properly to avoid being launched in the air and the proper etiquette to keep everyone safe on the beach. Knowing to only kite in on-shore winds, how to get yourself to safety in case of an emergency and what kind of conditions of safe to ride in or not.



Taking kite surfing lessons is fun! It is much more satisfying to see yourself progressing and learning than trying and failing over and over again because of a simple mistake. Hiring an instructor will take hours off your learning process and help you progress as quickly and safely as possible.  Even after you have become an independent kiteboarder, taking lessons keeps the sport fun and fresh. Learning new tricks and pushing your boundaries will keep you interested and stoked for more.


To Get Introduced into the Community

Taking kite surfing lessons will introduce you to the local kiteboarding community straight away. You can feel relaxed knowing that you have friends and locals keeping an eye out for you in your first rides without an instructor. The kiting community is massive and the people you meet in one place you can almost be sure you’ll meet them in another- an amazing way to stay connected in the world!