Squamish is located in between Vancouver and Whistler in British Columbia, Canada. It is a small town named Canada’s Adventure Capital and for good reason. There are endless outdoor activities to enjoy along with breathtaking scenery and amazing wind. Kitesurfing in Squamish should be on every kiteboarders “to go” list and here’s why:


The Wind

Squamish meaning “Mother of Wind” offers world class wind conditions over the summer months. The wind will begin in April and blow until the end of September with the most consistent months for kitesurfing in Squamish being June, July and August. During the day the wind starts around 10am and blows through until 7-8pm with an average of 20-25 knots.


The Breathtaking Scenery

Squamish is one of the most beautiful places in Canada where the mountains meet the ocean. While kitesurfing in Squamish you will be surrounded by towering mountains with breathtaking views of the Squamish Chief and Shannon Falls on one side and the Squamish river and Estuary on the other. You are sure to see some wildlife including seals, eagles and even dolphins and orcas if you’re lucky!


Endless Adventure Activities

One of the greatest things about Squamish are the endless amounts of activities to do no matter what the weather! You can go rock climbing, mountain biking, hiking, kayaking, canyoning, SUPing and many more. The best part is that the wind lasts so long it is possible to combine kiteboarding with other activities and have a multi-sport day!