Aerial Kiteboarding is the best kiteboarding school in Squamish. Not only do we provide the newest gear and some of the most highly qualified instructors in the world, we do everything possible to make sure you have an amazing kite boarding experience.

Here is what we can offer that sets us apart from our competition:


Aerial Kiteboarding is the only school to employ full time administrative staff. Located at our shop 7 days per week, our staff are there to greet you, complete an administrative tasks and answer any questions you may have to better prepare you for your first kiteboarding experience.

We have a fully automated booking system allowing our students to register for lessons online at any time. This program allows students to check availability up to the minute to book a time and date that suits best. The calender also enables customers to look back on previous lessons and payments made to be sure all the time is accounted for.

Private Launch

At Aerial Kiteboarding we have our own private launch just 200m from the shop. This keeps us away from the chaos at the spit and allows our new students to feel relaxed and comfortable during their first kiteboarding experience.

There is no $25 access fee for launching here as there is at the Spit.

Teaching Methods

Our instructors have adapted their teaching methods in order to get our students progressing as quickly and safely as possible.

Our focus is on hands-on kite time allowing the student to concentrate on the task at hand and gaining a better understanding of the kite before going into detailed theory.

To eliminate fear and provide the safest lessons possible, the kite will be first hooked onto the boat with the student holding the bar. This allows the power of the kite to pass through the boat while the student learns control.

Once competent, the kite will be hooked directly to the student.

Quality Equipment

We carry the largest boats, strongest motors and additional performance parts such as trim tabs and stabilizing foils to experience a smoother ride.

Having the strongest motor for kiteboarding instruction in the Howe sound allows us to easily keep up with our students when riding. With high speed boats and the assistance of radios we are able to not only stay close to you but also keep a clear line of communication throughout your entire lesson.

All of our teaching equipment is new and supplied by Best Kiteboarding, a world leader in the kiteboarding industry.

Not only do we carry the necessary equipment for your lesson but also a spare set to ensure there are no delays if the original gear gets damaged for any reason.

Cross Training in Wake Boarding

In order to get students riding as quickly as possible we also offer wake boarding lessons. Wake boarding allows students to get the feeling of the board without having to concentrate on the kite at the same time.

Once confidently flying the kite and standing on the wake board behind a boat putting the two together comes with no difficulty at all.


We are the only school in Squamish with a shop fitted with changing rooms, bathrooms and hot showers after hours in the cold water.

Gear Prices

As we are the only school in Squamish with a shop, we are able to compliment lessons booked through us with discounts on the newest gear.

Inclusive to All

We include everyone here at Aerial Kiteboarding and are glad to have initiated the Kiteboarding and Adventure Youth Camp and to have founded Adaptive Kiteboarding Canada with the help of our instructors.