Here is my definition:

For me a good kite surfer is someone who knows their gear inside and out. They know exactly how it functions so they get into a position where the gear malfunctions they can problem solve and fix it.

KNOW YOUR SAFETY! This is a big one for me. Being able to perform an emergency self landing and a full emergency self rescue is the most important skill for any kite surfer. Doing it once in your lesson is not enough. Get into the water and practice! If you get into a situation where you need it you want to be 100% confident doing it quickly and efficient.
Knowing your gear and your safety is going to enable you to stay calm in a tricky/dangerous situation and get yourself out of it.

Being able to self launch and land gives us a bit of extra freedom and confidence. Of course we should always get a fellow kite surfer to assist us with this if possible but if you’re the last one to get into to the water and the first on to come back to the beach you want to be able to do so and not wait for someone else to come and help.

Make it what you want it to be!

We all got our own unique style of riding! It’s easy to feel intimidated by someone jumping higher, popping harder, going faster, doing a more extreme trick. This is not what kiting is about.

Kiting is about making it what you want it to be and not comparing yourself to others but only to yourself.

The best kiter is the kite surfer who is having the most fun.