Aerial Kiteboarding is a Vancouver kite school, based in Squamish, BC.

Because of a thermal wind effect, Squamish has strong, consistent winds through the summer months. Through the winter, Aerial Kiteboarding also offers snow kite lessons on Green Lake, Whistler.

Squamish is located just 45 mins north of Vancouver and 45 mins south of Whistler. On sunny days, the wind picks up around 11am and blows consistently around 20 knots until the sun goes does down. This makes Squamish the perfect location for learning as well as progressing. It is possible to kite in Vancouver, though the winds are less consistent and less predicable.

Aerial Kiteboarding is the #1 Vancouver kite school. Our instructors are highly trained and certified to meet the individual needs of each student. All lessons are taught from boats which allows us to take students way out into the sound away from all other riders and students. This also allows us to find the best suited wind for each student (the mountains effect the wind differently in different spots in the sound creating locations of stronger and weaker winds).

Our downtown shop is fully equip with bathrooms/showers, as well as full time admin staff to answer any questions you may have. The Aerial shop has a variety of gear for sale including new and used equipment as well as gear repairs and lessons.

In the mornings and on non-windy days, we offer wake boarding lessons. Wake boarding is a great way to progress your board skills for kiting and also an amazing day to spend a weekend with friends out on the water.