Purchasing used kite can be a great way to get into kitesurfing without spending the amount of money you would on a brand new set of gear. There are many things to look for when purchasing used gear.

The Aerial team highly recommend staying away from any kite pre 2009 even if its super cheap. The earliest we recommend is equipment from 2011. This is simply because the sport has progressed at an incredible rate both in terms of safety and of gear performance. Anything pre 2009 is like riding a bull compared to riding a full suspension bike.  Unless you are experienced and know what you’re dealing with we also recommend staying away from kites with large repairs as these can be wolves in sheeps clothing.

Checking crispiness of the canopy is a good way to tell the use of a kite. Brand new kites will be very crispy where as something used will be softer and flimsy. Something very soft is likely to rip if it hits the water at high speeds. Looking for pinholes in the canopy is definitely important as well.

Pumping up the kite and letting is sit is also important to make sure that there are no leaks in the bladder. We also recommend checking the stitching on all used kites to ensure the stitching is still holding tight.

We have a variety of used gear in our shop in excellent condition. All of our school gear is sold at the end of the season. Most damage on kites is a result of sun and sand, and since our kites never touch the beach and are never left sitting in the sun, they are all in excellent condition.