In our shop, we carry a selection of used kiteboarding gear.

We have both consignment and used school gear for sale. We welcome any consignment gear that you would like to sell. For any gear sold through our shop, you will receive 100% store credit or 70% cash back.

For Sellers:

Selling your used kiteboarding gear is easy. Simply bring it into the shop, fill out a consignment form with your name, email, phone number and the wanted price for the gear. Once your gear is sold we will contact you with the selling price and offer you store credit or cash back.

All cash back is received via Paypal.

For Buyers:

We know that new kite gear is expensive, this is why we welcome used kiteboarding gear for sale. Consignment gear comes and goes from the shop quite quickly and you can find some great deals. We will go through the gear with you to help you make the best decision possible.

When buying used kiteboarding gear, it is very important to check the gear thoroughly. Checking for things like pinholes in your kite (this could become an entire canopy rip if it is crashed hard on the water), any previous repairs, pumping the kite to make sure there are no bladder leaks. Also checking the general condition of the canopy (new kites with be crispy and have a sharp colour, older kites will be dulling in colour and have more a paper like feel).

Check bars for colour in the lines (the colour fades with age). Always check for knots as these decrease the line strength by 80% can could easily cause a snapped line while flying. Make sure your safety system is up to date and working properly and that no line are fraying.

Boards last along time and can still be used even if they are not in perfect condition. Look at the footstraps to make sure they are not falling apart, check the board for any cracks or dents, make sure the size is suitable for your height and weight. Your fins should not be cracked or chipped.

Your harness is arguably the most important part of your kiteboarding gear. We recommend buying a harness new as each person is a different size and shape and the harness will mold to your body. Buying a used harness could be very uncomfortable as it has moulded to someone elses body shape, this can ruin your entire experience.

Make sure to come check out are selection of used kiteboarding gear and ask one of our staff to walk you through any gear you may be interested in.