Buying used gear can be a great way to save some money on kiteboarding equipment. What can be tricky sometimes is choosing the right gear for you that balances safety and affordability. Some older gear (pre 2012) can be very outdated and potentially unsafe. Furthermore, gear this old will typically have severe UV degradation especially if it’s been used in kite spots near the equator. Old gear in spots like Squamish can be not worth buying as well as the sharp rocks on the spit are extremely hard on kites, especially if you are buying someone’s beginner gear that they outgrew, as they probably were hard on those kites when they were still learning.

Still, with a thorough inspection and a bit of research, used kite gear is an economical and eco-friendly way to avoid throwing out perfectly good kites and gear when you purchase a shiny new model.

Here at aerial kiteboarding we have a new consignment program where you can come inspect used gear with one of our experienced shop staff who will give you a good idea of whether the things you are buying are worth your money. We know we all work hard for it!