There are many places to kiteboard in and around Toronto including: Toronto, Barrie, Lake Simcoe, Wasaga Beach, Allenwood, Long Point and Sauble Beach.

Toronto kiteboarding schools include:

Toronto Kite Club- (416) 477-5045

Toronto Kite Club teaches from various locations including Allenwood Beach, South Oliphant, Long Point, Toronto Island, Ashbridge’s beach and Bluff’s Park. They offer lessons all year around and have certified instructors teaching Kiteboarding, Land Kiting as well as Snow Kiting.

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iKite Canada- (647) 772-6840

iKite Canada is located in downtown Toronto. Being surrounded by lakes is advantageous because it gives the instructors the ability to choose a spot best suited to their students skill level as well as go out on a variety of wind directions. iKite Canada also runs lessons all year, kiteboarding in the summer months and snow kiting in the winter.

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PB Kiteboarding- 416-462-3791

PB Kiteboarding offers Kiteboarding, Landing Boarding as well as Snow Kiting. Lessons are offered at a variety of locations including: Toronto Ontario Canada, Cherry Beach, Ashbridges Bay, Woodbine Beach, Hanlans Beach, Lake Simcoe and More.

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ukiteboard- Lessons and Coaching- (416) 720-3181

ukiteboard offers snow kite and kiteboarding lessons where ever the wind blows including Toronto, Lake Simcoe, North and South Oliphant, Lagoon City, 9th Concession, Holmes Point Park, Innisfil Secret Spot, Keswick- Cooks Bay Park, Cape Hatteras and OBX.

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All Toronto kiteboarding schools are offering lessons all year around. Kiteboarding in the summer months and when the lakes freeze over, snow kite lessons are offered. Land boarding is also a possibility in open fields.