With strong, consistent winds throughout the summer months, Squamish is an amazing place to learn how to kiteboard. In general it takes people around 8-20 hours to become fully independent. Kiteboarding can be an expensive sport to learn- that’s why we have come up with some tips to make the most of your kiteboarding lessons in Squamish:

Buy a Package

Instead of purchasing lessons hourly- go all in and purchase a package of lesson hours to save money. If you a complete beginner we advise you to go for our 10 hour discount package as it is the best hourly rate and likely you will use all 10 hours. If you don’t you can use the remaining lesson hours for advanced lessons!

Watch our Instructional Video

Not all the learning has to be done on the water with an instructor! Our 1 hour instructional video (included in any lesson package or crash course) goes through all the instructional points up to riding and is extremely beneficial to watch. Watch the video before your first lesson and you will already know a significant amount of theory and understanding of how the kite flies- this saves you time on the water as the instructor does not need to dig as deeply into these topics. Watch the video again after your lessons for a recap and better understanding after you’ve experienced flying the kite yourself.

You will have access to the video forever and can continue to look back at each stage of your progression to help you learn.

Fly a Trainer Kite

Flying a trainer kite is a great way to develop your kite flying skills on your own. Trainer kites are small with little pull- so they are safe for any level of kiter. Though they are small they are great for learning and will help you progress quickly, especially in the beginning stages. We have a demo trainer kite available for anyone booked in for lessons.

Take Your Last Lesson from the Spit

Once you have mastered riding upwind, it’s time to take a lesson from the Spit. We recommend that you take your last 1 or 2 kitesurfing lessons in Squamish from the Spit so you can get comfortable with the rules, launching, landing as well as entering and exiting the water. The Spit can get quite crowded as it is a small piece of land and can be intimidating for beginners- going with an instructor will ease you into it and make sure you are comfortable and ready to go on your own.

Once you have completed your lessons and have become certified you are ready to kite alone! Going to the Spit at low tide is a great time to go alone from the Spit as there is a giant sandbar giving you lots of space for launching and landing. The sandbar also allows you to walk back upwind if you end up downwind which isn’t possible at high tide. Kiteboarding lessons in Squamish are some of the best in the world- we recommend you try it!