Surf kiteboarding in the waves is one of the fastest growing aspects of our sport.

In the last 10 years advances in kite technology have allowed kiters to ride the waves in ways that early kiters only dreamed of. Characteristics of surf kites include predictable downwind drift in the air while the rider is travelling downwind on the wave as well as high amounts of de-power to keep the rider from being pulled off the critical section of the wave. Thirdly a good wave kite needs to steer quickly, while providing good amounts of power for its respective size so that the wave rider can use as small a kite as possible to allow for lightning quick maneuvers on the wave face. Finally wave kites need to have lightning fast relaunch so the kiter can get their kites out of trouble when they crash in front of a big set.

Most major brands make a wave kite nowadays.

Three examples of  wave kites from brands that we carry here at Aerial Kiteboarding are the slingshot wave SST, the Ocean Rodeo Roam and the Best Cabo.

Ocean Rodeo Roam:

Best Cabo:

Slingshot wave SST:


It’s safe to say that new kites have completely changed the face of modern kite surfing.

Whats amazing about these highly specialized kites is that the same things that make them great for surfing also make them the perfect first kite for someone who is wanting to progress quickly into riding waves as well as making them good for free riding on a foil or for just doing a bit of everything. these kites are great for anyone from beginner to Pro.


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