The best way to start kitesurfing is to come out for a lessons.

We have an amazing introductory course for people who want to start kiteboarding. This course includes a 1 hour introductory video which goes through all the level 1-3 IKO points and can be watched as many times a necessary to understand the concepts before coming out on a lesson. The remainder of the lesson will be done on the water in a group of 3-4 people where you will be guided through the steps to riding by an IKO certified instructor.

This course will give you a better idea of what the sport is about and whether it is something you would like to continue learning.

To start kitesurfing independently it is necessary to take private lessons. These lessons are essential and extremely beneficial as the lessons will be catered directly to the students needs, allowing the students to progress at their own pace. Each student will quickly learn the skills needed to become independent including upwind body dragging (to retrieve a lost board), self rescue in deep water, launching and landing, kite set up, beach etiquette and upwind riding.

These skills are essential to know before student start kitesurfing alone. By going riding without this knowledge, their is risk to the rider themself and to other riders and beach goers.