The Sea to Sky area is in British Columbia, Canada. This region spreads from North Vancouver, Horseshoe Bay through to Whistler and Pemberton. The tree main areas in the Sea to Sky are Squamish, Whistler and Pemberton Valley.

Howe-Sound – Squamish

Howe Sound is a network of Fjords located North of Vancouver. Squamish is a town that is located North of the Howe Sound in the Sea to Sky area. It took part in constructing the Pacific Great Eastern Railway which runs also through the Sea to Sky. It started in 1910 and the town is the first southern terminus of that railway. In these days the town is still important in maintaining and operating the railway. The main industry in Squamish has been forestry but now tourism is becoming one of Squamish important economic industries. The town is ideally located between Vancouver and Whistler and has lots of outdoors activities to offer, such as kiteboarding, climbing and mountainbiking.

The town of Squamish

Cheakamus – Whistler

Whistler is a town that lies further North. Whistler is well known for Whistler Blackcomb, the largest ski and snowboard area in North America. The permanent population of Whistler is about 9.900 people, but has a larger rotating temporary population that exists out of seasonal workers and travelers. The town has two million visitors every year, in the winter season for skiing and snowboarding, while during the summer months the mountains are used for mountainbiking.

Pemberton Valley

The Pemberton Valley is north of the Sea to Sky region. Originally it was part of the Lilloeet Country, but because of the economic orientation of the area and the extension of the Sea to Sky Highway 99, Pemberton Valley is now considered a part of the Sea to Sky region.