At Aerial Kiteboarding we have a massive selection of school kites. We use Best Roca’s and occasionally Best TS when teaching our students. Each lesson goes out with multiple kites and bars in case of any problems on the water. Having back up kites and bars prevents lessons from having to come back to the shop and eliminates any delays in case something goes wrong out on the water for any reason.

All of our school kites are brand new and inspected before and after each lesson to make sure our lessons are going out with top quality gear. Each lesson will also go out with a variety of kite sizes in case the wind strength changes during the lesson. Our school kites include 6, 7, 8, 10, 12 and 14m kites.

Our school kites are also available for demo for riders who are already independent and would like to try out our new gear. In order to demo gear, we require an IKO certification of at least 3K.