Kiteboarding can be done at many different locations around the world. One spot that has an amazing kiteboarding community is Ontario, Canada. Ontario is home to the largest city in Canada, and this means that there is a huge population of kiters who travel to chase the wind on one of the many beaches on the freshwater lakes that border Ontario. On a busy weekend day you will find the beach packed with stoked kiters who have travelled for sometimes more than 4 hours from other parts of Ontario in order to show up on the particular windy day.

Ontario is not blessed with the consistent thermal winds that we enjoy here in Squamish, Instead riders must rely on frontal systems in order for there to be ridable winds along the coasts. What some people find surprising is that the great lakes offer an amazing wave riding opportunity that is surprisingly similar to riding on the Oceans.

A kitesurfer pulls into a heavy great lakes wave.

Whats amazing about kitesurfing in Ontario is that you can find not only great waves but also nice flat water riding areas, perfect for learning to kite for the first time or practicing your freestyle tricks!

below is a video from a famous flat water spot in Ontario

there is even amazing places to kite right downtown in the city of Toronto such as Ashbriges bay, and Cherry beach

Kitesurfing in Ontario is an amazing experience for the committed wind addict or the weekend warrior check out local spots like Oliphant, Kincardine, Long beach, Lake Simcoe and many many more.


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