North Kiteboarding began in early 2001 and they saw an initial rapid growth. Themselves and other competing companies all raced to innovate and increase safety and performance. Because the sport was so new these companies were competing against each other for not only market share, but also to become the leading name in a rapidly growing sport. North Kites had its early success with the North Rhino and North Vegas. The innovation race at the time however, led to many quality issues which led to loosing customer faith and it caused North Kites to change their production from China to Sri-Lanka. North Kites also changed production methods and systems which allowed greater build quality and overall better products.

In the late 2000s the kitesurfing industry was leaning towards bow kites which is when North Kites introduced their legendary Rebel, a hybrid kite which allowed North Kites to crossover into different areas of the sport and access a larger consumer base.

Now in 2017 North is the industry leader in kiteboarding, recognized for their product quality and high-performance gear.

North Kiteboarding kites are recognizable on the beach, with bright colours, stand out designs and the fact that they are one of only a few manufacturers still producing kites with 5 lines. Some of the kites in the North Kites range can be flown in either a 4 or 5 line configuration, the 5th line ensures maximum depower and safety. North Kites use a Techno Force D2 canopy material that is resistant to fading, whilst giving higher strength and lower stretch than traditional kite material.


Their more popular kites include:

  • North Rebel

The Rebel is North’s freeride kite, appealing to the majority of kiteboarders.

  • North Evo

The Evo is the most versatile kite that North offers, an all-around offering that works well in all different conditions.

  • North Vegas

The North Vegas is a high-performance c-kite for wakestyle and freestyle riders.