Though it can be challenging, kiteboarding is an extremely fun and rewarding sport to learn. At Aerial Kiteboarding we do everything we can to make learning to kiteboard a safe, progressive and most importantly a fun experience.

Our experienced instructors have taught hundreds of students over the years and are always adapting and developing their teaching methods in order to give their students the best experience possible. In order to cater to everyone we offer multiple lesson types:

Private lessons are the most preferred option as each student is matched up with one instructor on one boat allowing for maximum kite time and individual instruction. This allows the student to learn at their own pace and have the entire lesson tailored to their needs.

We offer a 4 hour crash course which is an incredible introduction to kitesurfing. This course consists of a 1 hour introductory video which can be watch as many times as necessary and the remaining 3 hours are spent on the water. The time spent on the water will be with up to five students and one instructor on one boat. This course is beneficial to all learning styles. Each student will have the opportunity to fly the kite for themselves, but also watch and learn from the other students as the instructor explains and guides the student in the water.

Watching and listening to the instructor and other students creates a better understanding of the theory and mechanics of the kite speeding up the progression.

We also offer semi-private lessons where two students go out on one boat with one instructor. This is also extremely beneficial as each student learns from the other and the lessons can be more individualized to the specific needs of the student.

Learning to kiteboard can be a difficult and frustrating experience, but it is also extremely fun and rewarding. Kiteboarding is for everyone. No matter your fitness level, coordination abilities or similar sport experience, you are sure to have an absolute blast!