Kitesurfing is one of the fastest growing sports of our time. Of course you are interested in taking it up! Kitesurfing can offer you a calm escape from your busy life, a thrilling release of adrenaline and an uplifting sense of being part of a great community.

But how do we learn to kitesurf? Throughout the world there are several qualified and experienced schools around that will give you all the necessary steps to being safe on the water. As kitesurfing depends on many different elements at once, it is very important to connect with a school in order to learn.

Located in Squamish, British Columbia, Canada, Aerial Kiteboarding offers top notch instruction through our developed teaching methods and highly experienced kite instructors. 

First Steps

The first steps to learn to kitesurf is to learn more about the sport, check out our youtube channel and the plethora of videos out on the web. When watching the videos pay close attention to the gear being used, the kite flying techniques and the conditions in which the videos are being filmed. There are also several instructional videos out there but as these can be uploaded from any source, make sure to get your information for a credible rider or kite company.

When taking lessons with us, Aerial Kiteboarding provides each student with a 45-minute instructional video going over all the important technical and theoretical topics that will be learnt throughout your kitesurfing lessons. This allows you to not only study the information at your own pace but also to watch the video as many times as you need to fully understand and remember the information.

This video, along with our hands-on boat assisted water lessons, provides you with an audio, visual and individualized practical learning experience available throughout your entire progression with our school.

Hitting the Water

Once you have watched a ton of videos and studied the necessary material it is time to get out there! As soon as you come down for your kitesurfing lessons with Aerial Kiteboarding, you are greeted by our friendly staff and helped along your entire experience.

Using all the best and newest gear, we suit you up with the proper cold water gear, kiteboarding equipment and head out in the open waters of the Howe Sound with our large inflatable boats and, of course, your very own certified instructor.

Throughout your water experience, your instructor will tailor his or her instruction to ensure you are learning in the very best way. Taking control of the kite as it is hooked to our boat, you will feel the power and control of the kite under the full supervision and safety of the boat of your instructor.

Once you have developed the kite piloting skills necessary to be confident in the water, you are hooked up directly to the kite and head out for your first body drag experience.

First Rides

Throughout the entire lesson, the instructor and the boat stays safely beside you giving you all the key information necessary to your success as it is needed. Within your first couple hours you will likely be getting up and getting short rides.

A few hours later you will be consistently getting up on your strong side and getting longer and longer runs.

Next, you will need to learn to get up and ride on your “awkward” side (yes we all have one!). All this progress will come about while also learning all the safety skills and area awareness knowledge necessary to becoming a safe and confident independent kiter.

As kitesurfing is a skill dependent sport, it is difficult to tell exactly how long it will take each student to learn but with the right amount of practice and proper instruction you are sure to get there!