Are you an adventurous person who enjoys the outdoors and the water? Then kitesurfing is for you. This exhilarating sport combines the force of the wind, board techniques and a soaring kite which allows you to ride along the water and so much more.

Also known as kiteboarding, kitesurfing can be done on all types of surfaces including many different bodies of water. As long as there is wind and an open area, you are set!

Kite Surfing in Squamish

In Squamish, BC, we experience some of the best wind in the world. With summer thermal winds that activate themselves around 9-10am and dwindle down around 8pm, learning to kite in these extremely consistent and predictable conditions is a sure bet.

Aerial Kiteboarding School takes advantage of these Howe Sound thermal winds to teach hundreds of people a year to be independent on the water. When learning with a professional, kitesurfing is a sport that can be learned by anyone, regardless of your age or fitness level. Throughout our several years of experience, we have taught individuals of all walks of life including students as young as 10 and as wise as 70 years old.

Find Your Niche

Once you are consistently up and riding, Aerial Kiteboarding school can also help you develop your skills in whatever niche of kitesurfing you are interested. From cruising back and forth, surfing waves to jumping 50 to 80 feet, kitesurfing can appeal to a wide variety of personalities.

Come join the raging wave that is kitesurfing and get swept away by the excitement of the sport.