Vancouver is a stunning city on the coast of British Columbia in western Canada. Where the towering mountains meet the ocean, Vancouver is a place unlike any other. In the summer months the weather is hot and sunny bringing thermal winds to the area. In the Spring and Fall frontal westerly fronts come in bringing strong winds to the Vancouver coast.

Kitesurfing Vancouver Beaches

There are beaches around the city itself which are kiteable during the summer though the winds are generally light (between 10-15 knots) perfect for foiling! The best time to kite in the city is when westerly fronts push through- this can bring wind speeds of up to 30 knots. Suitable beaches for kitesurfing in Vancouver include Spanish Banks, Ambleside Beach, Jericho Beach and Boundary Bay.

Tofino, located on Vancouver Island can also be an amazing kite spot if you love waves. It is not often windy enough to kite there so don’t count on a session- though it is amazing if you can!

Squamish- The Spit

The best place for kiteboarding around Vancouver is Squamish- located just 45 mins north of the city. The winds are driven by a temperature gradient between Vancouver, Squamish and the north. During the day northern BC becomes hotter than the south and coast. The cold air from the south gets sucked to the north accelerating as it passes through the mountains of the Sea to Sky Corridor. Squamish- located right in the middle of the Sea to Sky and the end of the Howe Sound gets amazing wind as the air passes through the mountains. You can expect an average of 20-25 knots throughout the whole summer.

The spit is the launching and landing zone in Squamish which can be accessed through downtown or the Squamish industrial area (see map below). The wind blows offshore from the spit, so it is important to be able to ride upwind, self rescue and get your own board back to ride here. The views from the spit are breathtaking and guaranteed to be one of the most beautiful places you ever kite. Surrounded by the famous Squamish Chief and Shannon Falls on one side, Atwell mountain and the Squamish Estuary in front and the Squamish River on the other. You will kite with the friendly sea lions, eagles flying above your head and even orca whales!


If you are hoping to get in a kitesurfing session in Vancouver- Squamish is definitely worth the drive!