Practising basic kite flying skills with a kitesurfing trainer kite is the best way to begin kiteboarding.

A kitesurfing trainer kite is small (1-2m), generally 2 line kites with a safety wrist strap. Flying a trainer kite will build the necessary skills needed to fly a larger kite quickly and safely. Beginners can explore the wind window including the power zone. Because a kitesurfing trainer kite is so small, it is generally risk free as it doesn’t pull like crazy.

Moving the kite slowly along the edge of the wind window is a great skill to practice with the trainer kite as well as power strokes on the right and left side of the window. Students will quickly learn where the kite has the most and least power, preparing them for a larger 4/5 line inflatable. Trainer kites can also be used to practice proper steering as well as kite loops and any advanced kite flying skills.

Since every kitesurfing trainer kite has a safety wrist strap attached the the flyer, it’s okay to let go of the bar if the kite gains too much power. Letting go of the bar will fully de-power the kite to a one line safety system and the kite will fall to the ground, still attached to the wrist. Once the kite hits the ground, it can easily be re-launched with the help of another person.