Aerial Kiteboarding offers kitesurfing lessons from our downtown shop located at 37813 Second Ave. The season in Squamish can start as early as March and continue into October, though the main season is over the summer months when the sunshine brings the strong thermal winds.

Because the winds in Squamish are offshore, all kitesurfing lessons are taught from boats. This also allows students to be driven upwind and away from any other riders in the sound. Learning from a boat also allows the instructor to stay close to the student for the entire lesson giving feedback at the exact moment which speeds up the progression to riding.

We offer three different types of lessons:

4- Hour Crash Course: The crash course is a 4 hour introductory course to kiteboarding. This consists of a 1 hour video which students will have access to before their lesson date and can be watched as many times as necessary in order to understand the concepts covered. The remainder of the course is done on the water in a group of 3-4 people where students will be guided by their instructor through the steps to riding. At the end of this course students will not be independent riders, but will have an idea of whether kiteboarding is something that they would like to continue. This is the best introduction to the sport.

Private Lessons: Private lessons are one-on-one lessons with a private instructor. This option offers the quickest progression as the student will not have to share the kite time with anyone else and will move forward at their own pace. The minimum lessons time for a private lesson is 2 hours. 2-3 hours at a time is recommended.

Semi-Private Lessons: Semi-private lessons include 2 students and 1 instructor. This option is also extremely valuable as the two students can learn from each other maximising progression for each student. Semi-private lessons are most productive when both students are the same level. The minimum time for a semi-private lessons is 3 hours so each student can get adequate kite time. We recommend 3-4 hours at a time.

Kitesurfing lessons can be purchased here, and lesson time and dates can be booked through out online booking system. Payments can also be made over the phone, in person or via email.