Your main kitesurfing gear consists of a harness, safety leash, kite, bar, lines and a board. The size and style of gear you choose will depend on the type of riding you are wanting to do as well as the wind conditions in the destination you will be riding.

Kites come in different shapes and sizes. Most riders have 2 kites, one for light wind (larger) and one for strong wind (smaller). Having two different size kites allows you to go out in a larger range of wind strengths. The larger kite will be good for light wind days where the smaller kite will be used on strong wind days.

Kites also come in different shapes and styles specific for the type of riding the rider would like to do. Kites are designed differently for freestyle riding, big airs or wave riding.

Boards also come in different shapes, sizes and flex depending on the type of riding the individual in interested in. Twin tips are used for freestyle riding where someone who wants to surf the waves would choose a directional surf board.

Kitesurfing gear is best purchased new, as gear tends to wear and tear as it gets more and more used. Buying new gear will ensure the best quality and the longest life possible. Buying used kitesurfing gear can be a great way to get into the sport for a cheaper price, but making sure the gear is in good shape and will last more than a few sessions is essential. Employees at your local kite shop can help you evaluate the quality of used gear you are interested in purchasing.