Learning to kitesurf in is a fun and exciting experience. At Aerial Kiteboaring we promise to make your kitesurfing experience as safe, fun and progressive as possible.

All of our lessons are taught from boats, which are launched from the Squamish Yacht Club. Teaching from boats allows us to take our students any where in the Howe Sound. We can take advantage of the best wind spots and keep our students away from other riders in the sound.

Launching from boats keeps us away from the busy Spit and also exempts our students from paying the $20 Spit fee. Being out on a boat in the middle of the sounds surrounded by mountains and sunshine is truly a fairytale kitesurf experience.

We are also offering group kitesurf tours from our 8 person twin jet engine wakeboat. This allows riders to experience different spots in the sound as well as avoid the crazy Spit launch and fee. The boat is fully equip with a stereo sound system where we can DJ your session. Fatigue is not an issue as riders can easily ride back to the boat and take a break at any time.

For inquiries call 778 989 5483.