Whether you’re a pro snowboarder, wake boarder, para glider or surfer, kitesurf lessons are an essential part of your kitesurfing career.

Though these days kites are fully equip with safety systems and back up safety systems, it is important to learn how to properly set up and use your equipment before going out alone. Through your kitesurf lessons, with the guidance of an instructor, you learn how to set up and fly your kite. You will explore the power zone and learn to control where and when the kite moves, you will also learn to control the power and how much is needed to get you up out of the water and riding.

Once you have full and complete control of the kite you will be ready to try the board.

Here at Aerial Kiteboarding our instructors continue to adapt and change their teaching methods in order to provide our students with the most safe, progressive and fun kitesurf lessons possible.

Our main focus is to get you riding, so instead of starting with theory and kite set up we get you flying a kite straight away. Since you will be with an instructor until you are a confident rider we save the theory and kite set up until you have a better understanding of how the kite flies. This maximizes progression and gives you more time on the water.

Kitesurf lessons are fun and can be done in groups, privately or semi-privately. Check out our lessons page for more details.