During your lessons you will learn how to perform a kiteboarding water start. This is the point where you will learn how to get on the board and start riding and will experience for the first time the real kiteboarding!

The steps for a kiteboarding water start are:

  • Lie backwards in the water with your board on positioned downwind with your kite at 12 O’clock
  • Check that there is nobody in the way in your direction of travel
  • Angle the board downwind, in direction you want to go. If you will point your board upwind, it will be hard to make a kiteboard water start.
  • Pull in the bar and steer the kite in direction you want to go. The deeper you dive it, the more power it generates.
  • Roll up on the board and turn your front hip towards the kite. Straighten your front leg once the kite pulls you are out of the water. Go downwind to get up some speed and look in the direction you want to go.
  • Lean back and edge by putting pressure on your heels
  • Counter steer the kite back up after the dive, but not too high Keep the kite flying – either in figure of 8 to generate more power or keep it in one position.
  • Once you are up and going concentrate on balancing the power of the kite against the the board.  Leaning back and putting pressure on your heels will make you edge and go upwind.
  • Now you are kitesurfing!


Have fun with trying the kiteboarding water start. Practice this at home and try to remember the steps for bringing it into practice on the water.