Purchasing a kiteboarding trainer kite is a great way to begin your kiteboarding career.

Trainer kites are small and therefore don’t harness much power. You can explore the wind window including the power zone without the risk of being pulled or dragged along the beach.

Flying a kiteboarding trainer kite will give you a great understanding of how kites fly, how they move as well as where you will have the most and least power. This will help boost your learning process as you will already have basic kite flying skills which can all be applied when moving on to a four or five line inflatable kite.

Though they are similar in the way they are flown, a kiteboarding trainer kite is not launched the same way as an inflatable four or five line kite. Trainer kites are launched downwind of the launcher, directly in the power zone. A four or five line inflatable kite will be launched from the edge of the wind window, as far away from the power zone as possible (3 or 9 o’clock).

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