There are many different kitesurfing schools around the world. Every school is unique in it’s own way. Whether it’s gear, instructors, lesson plans, or just beginning the road to becoming an independent and confident rider, schools will be there to help you.

Kitesurfing schools are the foundation to building a good kiteboarding culture and community. From the very little things such as just having a setting to talk and vibe about the experiences. To the very big things such as keeping you safe as you progress and riding in challenging conditions can be everything to new kiteboarders.

A good kiteboarding school cares about your experience as a newcomer, and will always guide you in the right direction. At Aerial kiteboarding our staff, and instructors care to see you succeed excelling on the water.

Kiteboarding is very diverse in both riding, and job opportunities such as travelling teaching for kiteboarding schools around the world. Aerial Kiteboarding has been a part of the Squamish community in British Columbia for over four years now, and has grown into a respectful school you can count on and trust.

Kitesurfing schools offer a variety of assets that help you begin your first steps as a kiteboarder. Needing the comfortability with decisions you make towards your time and money is important to Aerial kiteboarding and kiteboarding schools alike. Motivation is important, instructors will always be pushing to keep you positive, happy and relaxed to give the best experience possible.