Kitesurfing is getting more and more popular all over the world. It doesn’t matter if its winter or summer as it can be done on snow and on the water. 

It doesn’t take long to learn but it’s very important to understand how the kite is behaving and how to control it before going out alone. People who want to learn kiteboarding should take lessons from a kiteboarding school. There they will teach you the theory, safety, how to control the kite, how to ride a board and many other important things such as getting your board back and rescuing yourself in case of an emergency situation. Other skills such as launching and landing are essential in becoming an independent rider.

Learning alone without any lessons from a kiteboarding school could result a bad injury and it can be even more dangerous for other people around you.

At Aerial kiteboarding school we have highly qualified instructors who are teaching on large, new boats with brand new kitesurf equipment. Students get very good quality of lessons focused on practice with less theory (students are provided with a 1 hour introductory video which goes through all the main theory that can be watched before each lesson until all the content is understood) so student progression is much faster than if they were to learn from a beach.

Besides that we have hot showers what feels great after hours in the cold water.

The main goal of our kiteboarding school is to have students up and riding on the board as quickly as possible as this is much more fun than learning theory straight away. According to that we offer great prices for lessons which you can’t get better at any other kite school in Squamish. We will not disappoint you and we will teach you to become a great kite surfer.