At Aerial Kiteboarding we specialize in kiteboarding lessons for beginners.

Our highly experienced instructors are constantly changing and adapting their teaching methods in order to provide our students with the most fun, safe and progressive lessons possible.

During our kiteboarding lessons for beginners our main focus is to get our students riding. In order to do this we get our students flying kites right away, saving the theory based lessons for when the student has a better understanding of how the kite flies.

There are many necessary skills to learn in order to become an independent rider including launching and landing, self rescue, upwind body dragging (in order to retrieve and lost board) as well as being able to safely pilot the kite on land. Many of these skills are unnecessary while there is an instructor present as we are able to help with launching and landing as well as getting lost boards back and are always close by in case anything goes wrong. Every lesson will conclude with a self rescue developing this skill more each time it’s done.

Mainly focussing on riding in our kiteboarding lessons for beginners allows for quick progression as well as maximum fun and kite time. Once all the necessary riding skills and kite piloting skills are mastered, they will then learn how to launch and land on their own as well as retrieving lost boards. At this point the student will be a fully independent rider.

For complete beginners we recommend our 4 hour crash course. This course holds up to 5 people, where together they will fast track through the progression to riding. The students are given an hour long introductory video that should be watched before coming out for the lesson and can be watched as many times as necessary to understand the content given.

The remaining three hours will be completed on the water where the instructor will guide the students through basic piloting as well as the power move necessary to stand on the board. Each student will have a turn to practice the moves and potentially go for their first rides.

After this introductory course, it will be necessary to take private or semi-private lessons in order to get more kite time as well as gain the remaining skills in becoming an independent rider. Each person learns differently so the amount of time it takes to become independent varies person to person.