Here at Squamish Watersports and Aerial kiteboarding we offer all different types of watersport activities such as kiteboarding lessons, kiteboarding lessons for beginners, advanced lessons, wakeboarding and SUP adventures.

To start in kiteboarding, it is highly recommended to take lessons. This will not only make your progress quicker, but it is also a safe way for you to learn this sport. Our crashcourses are specifically designed for people that have never done any kiteboarding before and are looking for a fun way to get introduced to the sport.

This is a kiteboarding lesson for beginners where you will get an instructional video which shows you all the basics you need to know. After this one of our instructors will take you out on the boat to start with the fun in the water! During this 3 hours of lesson on the water the instructor will teach you how to launch the kite, how to control the kite and how to bodydrag. Once you have this under control, you will get to try out the board and try to ride!