Kiteboarding kites coming in different shapes and sizes. Different shapes are for different riding styles and different sizes are for changing wind speeds and conditions.

Kite Sizes:

Kiteboarding kites come in different sizes which you choose depending on the wind speed. The strong the wind, the smaller kite. The lighter the wind, the bigger the kite. Kites range form 5m sq to 18m sq.

The kite size chosen will also vary with the size and weight of the person. In Squamish the average size for a man is about 12m and women 9m. Most people have two kiteboarding kites to take advantage of a wider range of wind speeds.

Kite Shapes:

Each kiteboarding brand manufactures kites in different shapes, made specifically to different type of riding.

Wave kites are built in a shape that offers constant pull. You are riding downwind as you ride on a wave, meaning you will ride towards your kite, creating slack in the lines. Wave kites are designed to pull constantly creating less slack and the ability to ride downwind without the kite falling out of the sky.

C-shaped kitesurfing kites are made for wakestyle riding and un-hooking. These kites are powerful with consistent pull and little de-power. For this reason they are excellent for freestyle riding, but not great for beginners.

Delta shaped kites are very beginner friendly. They have the best power/de-power range, great stability an gut handling. These kites are great for jumping and riding, but not the best for un-hooking and wakestyle riding.

Hybrid kitesurfing kites are a mix between a c-shape and a delta. This is the “do all” kite shape and is good for pretty much any style of riding but no designed specifically for any one style.


There are many brands of kiteboarding kites. Some of the main brands include: Best Kiteboarding, Ocean Rodeo, Cabrinha, North, RRD, F-one and many more.