There are many places to go kiteboarding in Vancouver. Just 45 mins North of Vancouver, is Squamish, BC. During the summer months, thermal winds are amplified by a venturi effect bringing strong, consistent winds almost everyday.

The main launching area is The Spit:


The south-westerly winds create offshore conditions from the spit, making the ability to ride upwind a necessity to ride here. Beginners must continue lessons until they are fully independent. Aerial Kiteboarding offers lessons everyday over the summer months. All lessons run from boats, way out in the sound away from the spit and other riders allowing students to learn in an open area where they can build their skills and confidence risk free.

There is a fee to ride at the Spit ($20/day or $160/season). The Squamish Windsports Society provide a rescue service to protect the Estuary as well as to rescue riders in case of any emergency or if the wind dies in the offshore conditions. **This fee is not applicable to Aerial students as lessons are all taught from boats and not from the Spit.

Squamish is the best location for kiteboarding in Vancouver and one of the best in all of Canada. The water on the East side of the Spit if butter flat as it is protected by the spit. The rest of the sound becomes choppy as the wind picks up.

At low tide almost the entire sound is flat. Because of the tide, the river is an amazing place to ride as the tide flows out. The speed of the tide goes against the wind adding an extra 5-10 knots to the wind speed.

The best months for kiteboarding in Vancouver and in Squamish are during the summer months. The season can start as early as April and the wind will continue to blow as long as the sun shines, which can be all the way into October.