A kiteboarding harness is an essential part of your kiteboarding equipment. Your kiteboarding harness is the part that connects you to the kite and therefor it is important you have the right fit. Something like choosing your skiboots!

A correct fit reduces muscle fatigue and provides support.

There are different types of kiteboarding harness on the market. Some are budget friendly, often basic harnesses. There are also harnesses that have extra comfort, more support and so on for kiters that are out for long sessions providing the support they need.

For women there is more and more special designed kiteboarding harness on the market. Women have a different bodyshape and companies are looking for ways to design the harness that moulds in with that.

There is also the difference between a seat harness and a waist harness. A seat harness offers often more support. They have legstraps and sit a bit lower. This will give them a lower tow point and this again provides better stability. A waist harness gives more freedom of movement and is popular with freestyle riding or kitesurfing in waves. The disadvantage is that they tend to ride up or the edge pokes in the ribs. This is why it is very important to make sure you choose the right harness that fits you well.

For choosing your kiteboarding harness it is a good idea to try on a few and ask if you can demo them. Often kiteshops will have a bar hanging in the shop so you can hang in the harness and feel how it will fit.

Good luck choosing the right kiteboarding harness!