An important part of your kiteboarding equipment is your kiteboard leash. This leash is attached to you and your kite. When you pull your safety release, this part of equipment will keep your kite attached to you, so it won’t fly away. One end of the kiteboard leash is attached to your harness and the other side is attached to the safety line of your bar. It is important to attach the end with the safety system to your harness and the other end to your bar. If you mix this up, you might not be able to use the safety release of your kite board leash.

In case of an emergency, it also enables you to completely detach yourself from the kite.  Kiteboard leash systems do differ between manufacturers so it is important to follow up on instructions on how to use your gear.

Kiteboard leash attached to spreader bar

The leashes today come in different lengths. There is the micro leash which is the shortest available. There is also a normal short leash and then a long leash, also called a handlepass leash. When you are a beginner you will use a shorter kiteboard leash as to compared when you are an advanced rider. An advanced rider will use a long leash as it enables them to do unhooked tricks.

It is a good idea to attach your leash to the front of your harness where the spreaderbar is. When you get in trouble, this way it is always easy to hit the release of your kiteboard leash.