For those living on a coast, they have surely already seen kite surfers. Riders on the water surfing an incredible number of waves per session as they use the power of their kite to go from one barrel to another.

Kite surfing has become all the rage in our ocean waters and everywhere in the world as it combines two of mother nature’s most powerful tools, waves and wind. Eliminating the need for paddling, this relatively new sport allows people of all strength and endurance levels to enjoy waves of all sizes.

After a few lessons with Aerial Kiteboarding School in Squamish, B.C. Canada, and the greater Vancouver Area you will be ready to hit the waves and enjoy this new thrilling sport. With a satisfaction guaranteed and the highest certified instructors in the area, you are sure to get up and ride in a flash while still having time to enjoy the summer season riding on your own.

Already a Surfer?

If your passion truly lies in surfing the waves, Aerial Kiteboarding will tailor your instruction to your needs, teaching you all the tips and tricks to becoming a confident and independent kite surfer.

Already a surfer and want to expand your repertoire? You’re in luck, when kite surfing, you will be using all of your surfing equipment and simply adding a kite, harness and safety bar. This additional equipment will give you the freedom on the water you have never before experienced. With the ability to travel an average of 10-20 km/h, you can get to that fantastic wave 10 times faster than your paddling friends.

Even though kite surfing is a relatively new sport compared to many others, there has been a surveyed amount of more than 1.5 million kite surfers around the world. This community is generally very inviting and friendly while sharing the waters and land together. A great community to be a part of with a great excuse for travel and exploration of the kite spots all over the world!