Your kite surfing lesson will start at our shop located at 37813 Second Ave, Squamish BC where you will be greeted by our administrative staff. Here you will be fitted with all the gear needed for your lesson including a wetsuit, booties, harness, helmet and impact vest.

You will then meet your instructor and your kite surfing lesson will begin. From our shop you will head to the Squamish Yacht Club where your instructor will lead you onto one of our 17ft inflatable boats, from which your lesson will take place.

Before each lesson goes out we make sure that all the gear needed is on the boat along with an extra set. This way if for any reason if any gear is damaged or not functioning properly there is no time wasted going back to the shop. Your instructor will drive you down the river and into the Howe Sound where you will be shocked by the beauty and wind quality it offers. The sound is huge making plenty of room for everybody no matter how busy it gets and with our high powered motors we are able to take you away from the other riders in order for you to have your own space to learn.

Your instructors will cater your kite surfing lesson to your needs and skill level whether you are a beginner, intermediate or advanced rider. We love teaching riders of all levels and we can’t wait to share our beautiful location.