kite ”surfing” you say?

Surfing with a kite in waves is very different to riding a twin tip. If you feel like you have mastered the twin tip and want a new challenge or that you have been wanting to hit the waves from day 1 kite surfing lessons are important.

Wave riding with a kite and a strapless surfboard is an amazing experience! As an experienced surfer, I know the pain and struggle of a long paddle out to the break and then back in to the beach. This struggle is taken out of the equation with kite surfing and all that is left is the fun part… actually riding the wave!!

So why take kite surfing lessons?

Unlike riding a twin tip, a kite surf board usually has no straps and it very closely resembles a surfboard, albeit a much more robust surfboard able to take much more pressure put through the deck and they are usually a little bit smaller and with a bit less volume.

The first question I get asked when students see someone kite surfing is ‘’how do your feet stay on without the straps?!’’ the answer is simple, but to the unexperienced this aspect of the sport seems like a mystery (along with foil boarding, but that’s another matter…)

Once actually up and riding on flat water the skills to ride are generally the same as riding a twin tip with a few small adjustments in kite and board technique. A surfboard will actually in theory go better upwind than a twin tip due to its rocker and the size of its fins, but most beginners struggle to stay upwind and most find great difficulty simply getting up on the surfboard without the straps to help which can become extremely frustrating.

Having witnessed many people setting off from the beach with their huge smiles and brand new surfboards, only to be moments later, out of sight down wind without their surfboard which has disappeared down wind along with their smile, I highly recommend taking a kite surfing class with an Aerial instructor.

At Aerial kiteboarding, all our staff is extremely experienced in all aspects of kite surfing and are all highly qualified. The Aerial shop stocks a selection of new and second hand surfboards for you to try before you buy which is also highly recommended to ensure you get a board that is right for you!