Kite school is the most fun school you will ever attend!

Learning to fly a kite with enough power to lift you up and fly you through the air is a fun and exhilarating experience.

As a beginner attending kite school is absolutely essential. Kites are incredibly powerful and without proper knowledge and instruction, extremely dangerous situations arise quite quickly. On the other hand, taking lessons with a qualified instructor ensures complete safety of the student.

Here at Aerial Kiteboarding we have some of the most highly qualified instructors in the world who will make sure your learning experience is safe, fun and progressive. You will learn at your own pace and learn all the necessary skills to become a fully independent kiteboarder.

Kite school is not only for beginners. We are proud to say that pro rider Sam Medysky along with Daniel Grains also a sponsored rider at Best Kiteboarding will be teaching advanced lessons with us this season.

From your first jumps, your first un-hooked trick to your first handle pass, there guys are here to help you bring your riding to the next level.

Book a lesson with us.