Squamish, British Columbia has some of the best wind conditions for kiteboarding in the world making it an ideal location for learning. Aerial Kiteboarding teaches kite lessons everyday April-October (weather depending) and also offer wake boarding, SUP and boat tours.

Kite lessons can be private (1 student, 1 instructor) or semi-private (2 students, 1 instructor). We also offer a 4 hour introductory crash course which is up to five people with one instructor.

Each lesson type is beneficial in it’s own way. Private lessons are one on one allowing for more kite time as well as more direct instruction catered specifically to the individual allowing for maximum progression.

Our four hour crash course doesn’t allow for as much individual kite time but by sitting in the boat and watching the other students you are able to grasp a better understanding of the mechanics of the kite. You are also able to listen and watch as the instructor explains and corrects the student in the water which allows you to learn from each other. This option is fun, progressive and an excellent introduction to the sport.

Semi-private lessons are beneficial in both ways. By having two students and one instructor, the instructor is able to cater more specifically to the needs of both students. While one student is in the water the other is able to learn by watching and listening as the instructor explains what is happening and any corrections that need to be made.

Every student learns differently which is why we employ highly trained and qualified instructors who are able to adapt their kite lesson to their students needs and learning styles.