When you start to kitesurf, you want to make sure that the equipment you buy is right for you. Let’s start by figuring out which kite board you need.

When you are choosing the kite board, you need to know how you will use it. When learning, it’s important to have a board that is easy to control, floatable, good for choppy water and is easy to ride upwind. The board should be long and flat with good channels. A long board is more floatable and if it’s flat, it’s even easier to go upwind. The channels help you with riding in choppy water and they make landing basic jumps a bit softer. They are designed to provide additional grip and allow water to create directional flow rather than being compressed down the middle of a concave.

People who like doing freestyle tricks will choose a board with a bigger rocker, similar to a wake board. Rocker is great for pop, but because of the rounded shape, it’s more challenging to go upwind.

The other category of kite boards that you can use for kitesurfing are kite surfboards. They look similar to normal surfboards and they are also meant for wave surfing. The only difference is that you are using a kite to catch the wave. This extra special because there is no waiting or paddling to catch the wave.

Now that you know more about the different models of boards, it is also important to know which length of the board you need. The size of the board depends on your height and weight. Lighter and smaller people (up to 150Ibs) should have boards with a length between 136cm and 148cm. Medium sized people (150 – 200 Ibs) need larger boards between 145cm and 160cm. And for heavy, tall people, a board between 150cm and 165cm.

It’s recommended to use a bigger rather than a smaller board, especially if you are a beginner. As explained above, a longer board is easier to ride, helps going upwind but it also less maneuverable on the water. A bigger board is also more favorable for lighter wind conditions.

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