Doesn’t it suck when your kite breaks on the water? Well never fear, get your kite repaired here! Not only will we repair your kite but we will lend you the same size kite or missing piece of equipment for every session you need it until your gear is fixed!

Kite Repairs

We do any and all kite repairs including: canopy rips, pinholes, bladder repair, bladder replacement, hose repair and replacements, strut repair and replacement and any other repair you can think of. Pick up and drop off of kites is at our downtown location.

Bar Repairs and Line Checks

Bar repairs such as line replacements, line extensions and pigtail extensions are all available in the shop. Lines stretch and lengthen over time which can cause an imbalance. When this happens you will notice your kite pulling to one side or the other even when you are not steering the bar. This is no problem to fix- bring your bar into the shop and have one of the staff check your lines to be sure they are all the same length.


Board Repairs

Replacement fins and foot straps are available as well as board repair services. Surfboards, twin tips and foil boards welcome.


Wetsuit Repairs

Holes in your wetsuit can be extremely annoying, especially in Squamish where the water is so cold. Head over with your wetsuit to fix the holes and rips, we have a suit for you to borrow while yours is in for repair.


If can fix your gear yourself, we sell repair kits for almost any repair. Canopy patches, bladder patches, aqua seal (wetsuit glue), spare pigtails, line sets, you name it!

Kite repairs are generally a quick and easy fix. Large canopy rips need to be sewed, which can take more time. Small bladder leaks can be difficult to find- save yourself some money and search for the hole before bringing your kite to us. Pinholes can be found with soapy water or submerging a full bladder into a pool or hot tub. It is also helpful the problems are labelled before bringing them in, this can be done with a piece of tape a different colour than your kite canopy. Be sure to let us know the problem and location when dropping it off.